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You've come to the right place. Here you'll find more than 101 ways to save every day -- money-saving tips that could put 1000's of dollars in your pocket.

Stretchin A DollarFinding it hard to make that dollar stretch?
You're not alone. Many of us are feeling the pinch of inflation. With higher gas prices and housing costs reaching into the stratosphere, it's becoming harder and harder to save. We need help on how to save money.

Squeeze MoneyWondering how you can squeeze more money out of your paycheck?
There's no doubt about it. The price of everything is going up.  In addition, we are constantly being bombarded with enticing ads that tempt us to buy all sorts of things we don't need robbing us of the ability to save. We need to be more careful of how and where we spend our money. Start with saving money basics.

Nest EggWorried you won't have enough money to retire?

In order to start saving all the money that you'll need for retirement, you need to take 3 steps to set you on the road to saving money big time. If you can't manage these 3 steps, you will forever be playing catch-up.


Grocery Hacks That Save You Money

It seems like food is getting more expensive by the day. Every time I go to the grocery store, I try to think of creative ways to help cut down the amount I spend.

I love diced ham and scrambled eggs, but a package of ready-diced ham is over $3, so I buy a package of Farmer John's Ham Slices for $1.98 and dice them up myself, put them in a freezer bag and into the freezer.  Same goes for crumbled sausage except that I cook the sausage first.

Perhaps my favorite grocery aisle is the bulk foods. There, I can buy as much or as little as I need of something at a significant discount over the same packaged items. This is especially true of spices. I always save old spice jars just for this purpose.

Name brands have given way to store brands for significant savings and very little difference in quality if any. One exception here is Tyson's Frozen Grilled Chicken Strips which I use in a myriad of way -- chopped up into salads or added to chicken broth and a package of frozen mixed veggies for quick chicken vegetable soup, added to pasta with a cream sauce -- the uses are almost endless.

I never throw away bread. If it becomes stale, I cube it, dry it, and place it in a plastic bag to use later for croutons, stuffing or bread crumbs.

I buy a large container of plain Greek yogurt. Ounce for ounce, it's a lot cheaper than buying eight, 4-ounce cups of yogurt. If I want it sweetened, I use sugar or artificial sweetener that I buy in the bulk food bins. For flavor I use applesauce, jam, granola, chocolate syrup, honey, or whatever sounds appealing.

Saving money on groceries is no longer just about clipping coupons or buying on sale, you also need to get creative to squeeze out the maximum savings.

Happy Savings,

The Saving Lady


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