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You've come to the right place. Here you'll find more than 101 ways to save every day -- money-saving tips that could put 1000's of dollars in your pocket.

Stretchin A DollarFinding it hard to make that dollar stretch?
You're not alone. Many of us are feeling the pinch of inflation. With higher gas prices and housing costs reaching into the stratosphere, it's becoming harder and harder to save. We need help on how to save money.

Squeeze MoneyWondering how you can squeeze more money out of your paycheck?
There's no doubt about it. The price of everything is going up.  In addition, we are constantly being bombarded with enticing ads that tempt us to buy all sorts of things we don't need robbing us of the ability to save. We need to be more careful of how and where we spend our money. Start with saving money basics.

Nest EggWorried you won't have enough money to retire?

In order to start saving all the money that you'll need for retirement, you need to take 3 steps to set you on the road to saving money big time. If you can't manage these 3 steps, you will forever be playing catch-up.


5 Ways To Save In Your Garden This Spring

Gardening is one of the largest hobbies in the country. It can be an expensive hobby or a not so expensive hobby. Some people grow flowers while others prefer vegetables. Most gardeners grow a little of both.  Whichever is your preference, you can reduce tha amount of money you spend on your garden this spring to almost nothing. Here are 5 ways to save money in your garden this spring:

1. Post an ad on Craisglist for "Free Plants Wanted." Most gardening fanatics love to share and help out a fellow gardener in need. If you have plants that you can trade, all the better.

2. Ask neighbors or strangers for plants or cuttings. Take a walk through your neighborhood and notice gardens and plants that you admire. Compliment the owner on the garden or the plant and ask if you might be able to get a cutting or if you could harvest a seed or a bulb for your own garden. You'd be amazed how many people will accommodate you.

3. Plan a garden exchange. Invite your gardening friends and relatives to a party where each brings a plant or two or three or four or seeds that can be exchanged for something different. Get as creative as you want with this idea. Gardening is a common theme that everyone will enjoy.

4. Seek out landscape maintenance crews, especially one replacing plants in displays, parking medians, commercial properties, etc. Most of the plants they are replacing will be thrown away or composted. More than likely, they will be glad to give you as many as you want.

5. Visit local nurseries, wholesale and retail. Ask if they have any plants that they are going to be throwing away or composting. Most times they do. Of course, these plants aren't going to look too good which is why they're being pitched. With a little bit of luck , some TLC a green thumb, they will reward you with their beauty and/or bounty. 
Happy Savings,

The Saving Lady


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